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Leaders Connect

To promote and encourage the emulation of values of great leaders across all areas of expertise.

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“What I want young women and girls to know is; you are powerful and your voice matters.” - Vice President Kamala Harris

KDH Connect

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“If you have a sense of purpose that drives you, then aim high and become a leader, and make room as you go.” - Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

NGO Connect

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FRC Connect

“To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst.” - Judge Francesco Caprio

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TUFF Connect

Inspiring the Youths towards a better society.

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SHF Connect

“Do all you can to lead an impactful life, and always give all you can to the growth, development, and well-being of others.” - Judge Shannon Frison

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Who We Are

We are a world-class leadership institute that identifies, develops, grooms, educates, motivates, inspires, and impact young visionaries and leaders from all works of life, by promoting and connecting them with great, unique, and impactful leaders worldwide.

We also help champions of industries connect and stay connected with the world by conceptualizing, creating, and promoting unique contents/stories around the secret and admirable qualities that help change their lives and uplift others, too.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To promote and encourage the emulation of values of great leaders across all areas of expertise.

Our Vision: To be known as the foremost talent discovery, development and management, and leadership institute that discovers, nurtures, and promotes exceptional young leaders and visionaries. We are the go-to institute for premium talents and leaders in every works of life worldwide

Our Projects



We take you through the journey of the strong and vibrant Kamala Harris. We begin from her humble childhood all the way to her heroic achievements.



See through the journey of the committed Chief Judge Frank who rose from a practicing attorney to being the Delegate to the Rhode Island Constitutional Convention.



We travel deep into the heart of Nigeria in Africa to the home of the first African woman Director-General of the WTO Ngozi Okonjo Iweala with an aim to inspire, educate and motivate young African women towards the direction of leadership and Discipline.



Want to know why racial profiling and judging a book by its cover can almost always lead you wrong when meeting or seeing someone for the first time? Well, Judge Shannon Frison’s inspiring story and journey deeply embody this fact. Read on!



(TUFF) is forging a path to prosperity throughout the seven continents of the world. TUFF aims to speed up this rise by creating an avenue for Young Visionaries to meet with exemplary leaders across various industries in a bid to share and promote positive ideas and opportunities that would help position the upcoming leaders and the young Visionaries as the future of civilization; by promoting stability and peaceful coexistence in communities around the world.

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Dear friends, for every item you buy from TUFF Shop, you are supporting the good work of TUFF and helping someone or family in need.

We bring you the why & how the world’s most influential artists, innovators, organizations, athletes, and leaders break big. We ask them questions that make them recount their most difficult, dramatic, and serendipitous turning points thereby allowing you to learn from them and stay motivated.



Our Leaders

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