Exceptional Situation Calls For Exceptional Measures.

Many leaders get so overwhelmed and frustrated in dealing with very complicated situations or issues. It is important to know that exceptional situation calls for exceptional measures. The primary responsibility for dealing with crises lies with us. We assume it fully.

Africa must not be left behind in a global fight against peril. Africa is poorly exemplified, and badly under-estimated. Africa, as the support of humanity and a land of old evolution, is not a no-man’s land. Gone are also the doom situations that try to draw an apocalyptic prospect for the region. This continent has experienced far more terrifying and harsher trials. It has remained strong and is standing tougher than ever!
Despite the efforts made so far, Africa is yet to meet the standards of the western world in terms of qualified personnel and health care facilities which are not evenly distributed and this has served as a disadvantage to the rural areas.

Although Africa lags in development, it flourishes in quality human assets, natural resources, including renowned experts, specialists and proficient researchers, who add daily to the progress of the world. The period has come when we should learn from our slipups and our limitations, to redefine the order of importance, to give full significance to the real economy, by capitalizing more in agriculture, health, security, generational wealth creation, infrastructure, sustainable energy, education and training, in order to achieve an expansion that cares for the well-being of all of humanity. The time has come to co-operate so as to bring about a world order that puts humans and humanity at the center of international relations.

Africa nations have also been active in the face of the crisis. What is vital is to learn the lessons from the crisis and to pool our assets and our brainpower in order to oppose, in the same spirit of human unanimity, our common adversary: a silent killer which scoffs at edges, beliefs and variances between developed and developing countries.

Exceptional situations call for exceptional measures. The primary responsibility for dealing with the crisis lies with us. We assume it fully.
It is equally just and genuine that our internal efforts be sustained in the global context of reacting to the crisis. Africa must not be left behind in a global fight against a global peril.

Together, let’s stay cohesive and battle-ready, decent and aggressive

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