Wisdom And Wealth Answer To Value, Not Your Age – Change Your Mindset Today!

Wisdom And Wealth Answer To Value, Not Your Age – Change Your Mindset Today!

It’s always a great experience for me to listen to my son have a good conversation with his uncle Prince Collins T.

Yesterday, they talked about business, wealth creation, and many other related topics, and I wondered if my son was just a 10-year-old boy or an old man hiding inside his young body.

Reflecting on their conversation later through the night, I couldn’t help but remember the words of the wise Elihu who said: “But there is a spirit in man: And the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” – Job ‭32‬:‭8‬.

It was an honor to explore the mind of yet another living legend. And, to have the privilege of sitting down with a young Nigerian-American Visionary who is on track to become history’s next black billionaire is not to be taken lightly.

Igwe Duru, Wenetly Leaders Young Visionary ’22

I received a life-changing message from my son, Igwe. He said, “Uncle, I want to create value and build wealth from it, and not businesses, because when you stand for something, and you take calculated risks, you get more significant rewards and stand out.”

This 10-year-old mind was more determined to learn what it means to create value and be valuable in life. It not only filled me with immense joy and pride but also served up a vital lesson and inspiration I want to share with you today.

What is your dream and purpose in life? What drives and pushes you every day to pursue those goals you’ve set for yourself? My dear, do you know that without creating value and being valuable to others, no amount of money you make can ever give you a meaningful life?

Thomas Edison invented the electric bulb.

If I were to ask you now who was the world’s richest man in 1879 – long before Forbes, you would surely need Google and a few minutes to research before you can answer that, right? However, if I asked you to name the inventor of the telephone, the light bulb, or the first airplane, your intellectual mind would readily remember those men, wouldn’t it?

Do you know why? The former amassed a lot of money and was soon forgotten after he passed on. The latter set of men, however, devoted their lives to something more profound. They sought first to create and be valuable by identifying major human problems and solving them with their inventions. Today, long after they’ve died and been buried, the world still remembers and celebrates them, and their families still benefit from the wealth those inventions generated.

The Creator gifted every one of us with our gifts, talents, and purposes when HE made us. You will be doing yourself and creation a disservice if you’re all concerned about chasing after money and businesses alone instead of seeking to create value for humanity and inevitably profiting from it.

Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone device.

Wisdom is no respecter of persons or age, and I again bless God for my charming, intelligent, sophisticated, and incredibly wise Prince Igwe Duru!

Igwe Duru, “Build Wealth Not Bussiness” Author

If a boy this young can apply himself and come up with great words and ideas like these, I believe that you can do so much more, too. Stop limiting yourself and begin to soar above every obstacle before you today!

Remain richly blessed always, amen.

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