A Good Leader Adjusts The Sails

A good leader makes it possible for his people to dream and achieve greatness. When you adjust the sails and give talented people opportunities to do their best work, the impossible becomes possible.

It’s a very good thing to give the right people who have the ability, skills, competence, the zeal and the determination to make great impact in your business, your institution or your organization the opportunity to contribute to the success of your establishment, the opportunity to serve diligently, and professionally, instead of making the mistakes of compensating people who are incompetent, lazy, inexperienced and careless with sensitive job positions or offices in your business or establishment.

Adjusting the sails simply means ensuring that your team members, employees, aides, workers, appointees, subordinates, colleagues etc have the wind at their backs as they work towards shared responsibilities, goals and their own successes.

Adjusting the sails; It’s about helping your team members collaborate, each drawing on his or her own strengths, to solve problems or to proffer solutions. And it’s about creating a conducive, peaceful, non toxic environment where everyone, the leader included, can feel safe taking risks and continually growing and achieving positive results.

One of the best ways to grow as a good leader is by learning from people you admire and not always complaining about situations, but giving your best in difficult times to adjust smartly for excellent results.

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