Dr. Sandra C. Duru’s Voice of Nature | Slowly but surely, we are acquiring that famous culture of democracy which is our objective.

Development produces certain cultural changes and it is these cultural changes that lead to democracy. This leads many to ask; does democracy require a democratic culture? Are certain cultures incompatible with democracy? Does culture affect the emergence and survival of democracy?

The notion that political institutions such as democracy and dictatorship are more suited to some cultures is not new. A lot of people have asked if a civic culture produces democracy or if the experience with democracy has produced a civic culture. The answer to that would be yes. For many, the existence of civic culture

is seen as a prerequisite for successful emergence and survival. In addition, civic culture is also crucial for the performance of the government.

Societal development could harbor democratization by producing certain cultural changes, but it could also affect democratization the other way round. The determinants of democracy assume that democracy is increasingly likely to arise

and be sustained as more citizens appreciate the benefits of democracy. We all need development which is brought about by the complete acceptance of

democracy. Slowly but surely, we are acquiring the famous culture of democracy because our main objective is to attain the most flexible form of development which would benefit us all.

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