Dr. Sandra C. Duru’s Voice of Nature | Stay true to your principles. I think there are two types of people in this world.

Everyone is governed by their own fundamental truth or proposition which serves as the foundation for their system of belief or behaviors and also acts as a chain of reasoning. This is known as a principle. This is our drive in everyday life.

Having a principle is actually a good thing. The most important part of having principles is staying true to them and staying true to yourself.

Nana Ahufo-Addo described two types of people in this world; those who dance to the sound of other people’s drums and those who dance to the sound of their own drums. This means people who stay true to their own principles and people whose

principles are swayed by the actions of others. Staying true to principle is a matter of uprightness and self-respect. It includes

standing up for your own ethics and not caving in to the demands or prospects of others. Being true to principle can lead to liberation, self-confidence, bliss, and an ability to steer through life more efficiently, leading to a sense of contentment that you’ve given your best to the world. It can be hard to cross life with personal integrity especially when you’re young but sticking to your principles and staying true to yourself can make you a more content person.

I rather prefer people who stick to their own principles, values, and truth than those whose principles are affected by the actions of others. Always be true to yourself!

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