It’s Your Mistake If You Die Poor

If your parents were poor and you were born into a poor family, it’s neither your fault nor that of your parents. You have the choice to remain poor or work yourself and your family out of poverty.

What you become after you have been born into a family becomes your choice. You are the architect of your life and you can break the jinx of poverty in your lineage if you make good use of your time, energy, resources, talents and learn from the right people who are successful in a legitimate way not those involved in criminal activities.

The first thing to do is to be very original and you will begin to identify your potential and you start building your potentials and opportunities will align with your purpose and you will live your infinite potential in life without struggles or complications.

Determination, self confidence, self belief, clear vision, humility, hardwork, proper time, money & resource management, passion, commitment, positive thinking, attitude & positive action, consistency; will always earn you success.


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